Sannel Larson

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Canvas Art, Posters, Prints, Home Decor and Gifts for Sale

Add a splash of color and style to the interior of your home with my 100% genuine artworks suited to interior designers, decorators, retailers or anyone looking for beautiful prints to decorate their homes. Featuring original works of art by Sannel Larson

Canvas Art - Home Decor, Poster and Print Decor


Please, check out my collection of 
Canvas Art Sale, Posters, Prints, home decor and gifts at m Zazzle Store.


  1. Lovely and talented Sannel,
    Just in from my final class for the semester and looking forward to my shopping spree at your store tomorrow~ it's the best shop in my virtual town.
    Love and thanks, Maria

  2. Dear Maria,
    Awww. . . You're the best! Having a satisfied customer is what any "store owner" is hoping for. My Zazzle store is quite new, but in time, I'm hoping to add more products, like my own art and requests from customers.
    Thank you for your constant support, my friend.
    Love and hugs,

  3. Beautiful, Sannel! Your works of art are truly fabulous!


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