Sannel Larson

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How about listening to some great romantic songs this rainy Sunday afternoon. Well, I hope the weather is better in your part of the world. . . Sannel


  1. Beautiful songs, Sannel! Anything by Adele is great but I had not yet heard the beautiful Tank song, Next Breath. Honestly, it was painful to watch bringing up some pretty hurtful memories. Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces. You have great taste in music I see! I hope the weather is better out your way too.

  2. Hi Rick! I'm sorry to hear that this song brought up painful memories. It is rather intense, I agree. If it's any consolation, I just want you to know that I'm very happy to hear from you. Hugs, Sannel

  3. this is a really nice addition Sannel really does make the world go around ...... and there are 7 letters/notes which make my music go round and they are: I L Y and I A Y - and it's the most beautiful melody I have ever heard in my life. lake erie time 1:43pm epi-man aka Colin

  4. . . . Yes music is a wonderful addition to our world, and music such as those words, sure makes our lives more beautiful. . .

  5. "Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly"
    Louis Ginsburg

    I feel poetic of these two choices of the heart. Not knowing of or whom and understanding ghosts of the past, I ponder not now, tomorrow really doesn't come to mind, and dance only a bit with yesterday, My Dearest Best Friend.

    Listening today, I thought a kiss like one needed by Scarlett would do. Yet, as Rhett I do understand, you do need to be kissed, and a bunch. Then 'Fred a friend arrived at his feeder, flew to my window batting his little wings and then stared back at me. Oddly, at that same moment, with synchronicity, a pair of butterfly danced just a bit back.

    I realized at that moment a simple truth I had asked forgiveness for with my past loves of a Dearest Best Friend. I am able to forgive her passed and more so love her lovers of past as a friend.

    I realized my Dearest Best Friend had her lovers and loves. And, one may not be with us today. That love is hers and hers alone. I respect that. I saw into the heart of a (my) Dearest Best Friend asked of my soul and listened to my soul's answer with my heart. A tear fell gently downward and the pain that trickle offered was immense. Not with oddity, more with truth, which is an ill chosen word, not knowing a word exists what I felt, as that tear of another fell from its source.

    I understand my lover, not of touch, yet of the soul, today for the first time. Even though I should be overwhelmed, I am not. Why? Simple, I Love You.

    With understanding of Tim, I is my me in the social world. So, let me change that statement to this Me loves you. I know this is technical, go with the flow.

    You is your I, which is what I 'see' and maybe not feel. So we have this 'me Love me.' Do you see what I see?

    In other words My Dearest Best Friend, It is your 'me' that my 'me' loves. I put up with you 'I' sometimes and know why, because 'me' loves your 'me!'

    If you were to tell me of the most passionate love making night with the most passionate lover you have ever had the gift of having, well, listen carefully now.

    I would smile. I would not be jealous. I would be envious. Why? Because you or the 'me' that my 'me' loves received a gift of God that I have not. I could recognize it, acknowledge it, yet, never be able to relate to that.

    I would feel warm inside you not only experienced that passion, that compassion, that attribute of Love, yet you also were blessed with knowledge founded on eternal truths. What a gift you are blessed with.

    Even though it fuels pain at times with remembrance, my 'me' knows you are learning how to temper those flames, to share the wisdom with those younger than 'self,' express it through your poetry and prose.

    I admire those loves, especially that special one, eagerly awaiting the day you can in private share with me. I know it will bring a smile upon my face, my heart will be filled with your compassion and passion, and a want will brew toward a boil, seeking your 'me' desire to water that plant of Love, awaiting its flower to fill your life with a smile.

    Sometimes a dreamweaver is needed not to mend a heart, only God can do that with one - on - one counseling and maybe an angel or two, yet to just be a friend.

    I end with this 'me' loves 'me!' Enough said. Let's build your dream! I bow before thee, my Queen, your servant, Sir Sremmus, of the Order of the Sword, of the Ninth Realm . . . I await your command . . .


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