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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Man, A Glimpse, A Question of Dream or Reality

I like to share a beautiful poem a dear friend of mine wrote and sent to me. His name is Tim Mitchell aka tsmog. You can get to know Tim Mitchell some more and take part of his writing by visiting his blog:

Or at Hubpages

A Man, A Glimpse, A Question of Dream or Reality

Her slender figure, shadows of darkness hold close and near,
Presence emanates by soft, sensuous breaths, like the mist of dawn,
Restless of sleep, questioning reality, wondering a vision or a dream,
Like a torrid, raging river, my blood pulses heavily in my veins.

Falling but a second, a moment, the hovering moon casts a glimpse in darkness,
Her curvaceous, serene, goddess aura, sears my visceral mind, branded for eternity,
Her soft, rounded succulent lips rip deeply hidden desires, heart pounds upon chest,
Longing, languishing, deep pools of wanton desire, secretly fall, hard upon my soul.

Within my mind’s inner recess, slipping into the night’s darkness, her essence,
Her tranquil skin couples mine, lying next or upon, her warmth of softness felt,
Roundness, pressed hard, our mouths offer entrance, a duel of lust dances together,
Destiny guides a searching hand, a cloaked door opens after a silent touch knocks.

Time becomes eternal without ending, passion wrestles with fury, fury encompasses,
Winds of change, silken hair paints majestic oceanic waves upon face, it’s a mystery,
Her rhythmic hands force mine into captivity, elation fills the void of emptiness,
Melding aromatic scents, corporal souls consummate fervor, a dance of passion.

Her mounting want falls steadfastly, my poem spills her essence, a path trails slowly,
Like the blinding light of a new born star, she erupts around the catalyst of a dream.
Unrestrained bliss emits, firm gripping pulses energize surrounding darkness,
Upon nearby walls, an enchanted song echoes, a song of delight haunts stillness.

Releasing her captive, her gladiator, her lover, her elixirs mingle upon his lengthy kiss,
A robust potion, a shallow pool of warm spring waters, comfort surrounds creation,
Both fear and joy fell upon us; her skilled hands touch wounds of old, lifting me to her,
Jagged scars dissipate to nothingness, old memories waltz toward heaven, liberty.

Sliding away like a spirit, not of yesterday, with me today, wonderments of perception,
Pondering awake or sleep, candle is lit, hope encompasses doubt, and power is deeper,
Upon nearby table, paper lay, bearing writing, a hand not known, not of my memory,
Simple words are read, laid bare these words, “is this My Dream or is it His?”

© July 29, 2012 (03:00 AM PDT; 12:00 PM CEST)

Thank you for being my friend. .  .Sannel


  1. Reread not once, thrice, like a lover's desire for his love's pleasure.

    She comes first, again, then once more, I feel a rise in my Levi's.

    The poet a fool, the lover a slave of desire, Hegel says the slave always wins.

    Sannel, this poem shared seems befitting for National girlfriend day. Thank you for bringing 'another' of your many friends work to our attention.

    your friend, Tim

  2. Hello Tim! Is it really the National girlfriend day today? Oh, that has slipped my mind! Oh my!! But, what better read than this beautiful poem, on this special day. I'm glad you enjoyed my friends poem as much as I do. Thank you for your visit.
    As always, hugs from me and Sweden.

  3. What a lovely poem, out of the depths of a man's heart. I am speechless!

  4. Hello Martie! Yes, so true! These beautiful and heartfelt words left me speechless too. His genuine words of love brought me to tears.

  5. Hi Sannel

    "Melding aromatic scents, corporal souls consummate fervor, a dance of passion."

    I love this dance.

    My compliments to your friend. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. There is a rumor in cyberspace some dude at a blog called After Midnight Babble Minus the Rules is the author of this poem. We here at CyberJunkie Tid and Bits would like know if you can confirm or deny this proclamation. Can you verify that it is not a canard, a fabrication, or the meanderings of an old fool?

  7. Hello Anonymous! Let me reassure you that the author of this most wonderful piece of poetry is not a canard, a fabrication, or the meanderings of an old fool! However, your sources are right! It is Tim Mitchell aka tsmog who is the author of this lovely poem. You can find this marvelous author at his blog:
    or on:

    Thank you for your interest.


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