Sannel Larson

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Don't Forget Who You Are

I wrote this nursery rhyme for children. However, encouraging words can be given any time, to anyone, even grown ups.

Brightest, brightest little star

please remember who you are.

You are the star that never fade

oh yes, the rarest star ever made.

Sweetest, sweetest sunflower

up above the rest you tower.

In the field you reach up high,

high enough to touch the sky.

Don't forget who you are

you are a miracle by far.

A diamond so unique and fine

always sparkle, always shine.

A rainbow as colorful as you

in every shade from red to blue.

No other rainbow is as bright

nor will ever reach your height.

Remember sunflower superstar

don't ever forget who you are.

You are so precious in every way

bringing grace and beauty to our day.

© Copyright 2012 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved

Comments saved from when it was published at HP :

Thank all of you who left comments when this was published on HP.I decided to keep these comments since your supportive and kind words brought me so much joy to my heart.I love you all,

Thank you and God Bless,


Hello Sannel. Your poem is so warm and cheerful. And your illustration is first rate. Filled with the colors of the rainbow sparkling in an afternoon sky. Mike Friedman

Hi Sannel! What a charming poem with a great message that, as you've said, isn't just for children. Your lovely rhyme and wonderful illustration do make it perfect for children though. You should collect all your poems like this into a children's book. Your illustrations are just fantastic! I'm sure it would be a hit! Rick Stephen

The Ode to the sunflower that reaches to the heavens under the sunshine given it from there. I felt so lifted up reading this delightful nursery rhyme and I'm no longer a child although I certainly want to be one again at times.:-) I loved the illustration you created to accompany this poem, very colorful and expressive. Butterflies, birds and of course the smiling sun to give those sunflowers height. What a delight, thank you for sharing and God bless my dear friend, hope my comment finds you in great spirits for the season. Vincent Moore

Dear Sannel,

This was incredibly sweet and precious! The picture was one of a kind, so lovely. Thank you for sharing your gift. My prayer is that each child on this earth will find and realize their worth, a gift from God.

God bless, Sunnie

Hello Pretty Lady. Thank you. Your poem seems to answer prayers and has been shared. The illustration has great power knowing the love from whence it came and hours of toil seeking to serve with purpose selflessly.
May I share a tear of joy along with you? Knowing is enough at times as a smile of understanding and acknowledgement is offered, while bowing as a knight, honorably.
(Sannel) & {Max},

As light as a feather, yet carrying much weight in wisdom.
I also love your illustration which is utter perfection with this piece.
Very beautiful. Love, Maria

Sannel why don't we put this poem to lyrics and then sing it to 'Shiny Happy People' by REM. They would probably be OK with it if it was done for charity. The words are that good my friend. beautifulAlastar Packer

 Hi S L
It is hard to write for children, not everyone is blessed with this gift. Your composition looks very simplest verse in the beginning, but the celebration of beauty and truth embedded gives it eternal depth.
Cheers, Vinaya

Oh, this is beautiful, Sannel! And the illustration so very cute! Can't wait to read this to my grandchildren. Lovely message too. (But how did I miss this one? Oh boy, I just can't keep up :}) 

You were so right in saying that though this poem was written for children, it is inspirational for people of any age.
Your beautiful drawing filled my heart with joy!
And the last photo was dramatically stunning- dark clouds breaking into sunlight over a sun flower field! Simply awesome.
Voted up across the board except for funny and shared.
Hope you have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.
Sending a Hub Bouquet of Hugs & Love,

Hello Pretty Lady. I seem drawn here like seeking a cool glass of fresh spring water. Savoring the taste of freshness, feeling the clarity of tranquility, and admiring that glass filled full with sustenance of life, I sip. Oddly, that is enough.