Sannel Larson

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I wish no more. . .

I wish no more

than to understand

what I did

that was so wrong

for you to turn

your love to hate

leaving me confused,

scared and alone.

I ask no more

than being loved

by you, my sweet

love of mine.

Yet instead

you left me hurt

with wounds and scars

beyond repair.

I feel no more

your softest kisses

gently touching

my lips.

My lips are now



in disbelief.

I see no more

your loving smile

bringing sunshine

to my life.

These days



cloud my mind.

I hear no more

sweet words

of love and affection

being whispered

in my ear.

The echo of

your hurtful words


with my tears.

I shall no more

walk hand in hand

with a love

I thought

was forever.

I'm left

all alone.

I lost my love

for another.

I dream no more

than to hear

your voice

telling me

I'm sorry

my darling

it is you

I love and adore.

I pray no more

than for you

to realize

that this is just

a silly mistake

since my love

for you

is nothing but

so sincere. 

© Copyright 2012 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved



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  2. Wow, Sannel! The pain of lost love and confusion at not knowing what went wrong oozes from your words. Something I know I and many others can relate to easily. And not knowing always leaves that door of hope open that love may return. You've expressed this so well here. A lovely job, my friend. Keep them coming, please!

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  4. Rick - yes, I believe we have experienced heartbreak in one way or another. Sometimes a loss of love, that was never expected, can be just devastating. Loving a person, believing that person loves you too, only to find out it's not so can be so painful.
    Thank you my friend for your support and encouraging words.

  5. Hello Sannel.

    I have read this poem many times now, and simply would like to say this. I realize they are your words of self, yet they touch me so many ways. My soul aches, my heart slows, my mind is at the end of storm seeking understanding. I feel poetically a desire to respond, yet I know not what. So, my heart skips a beat saying, "Better not, this moment, maybe once the soul heals."

    So profound are your words, your feelings conjured both through emotions, a mix of this and that, touch mine like a feather of a sparrow, yet hear a mighty roar of a lioness, so, therefore awaken my senses as well.

    Though not poetic, may I share, I see that mighty lioness, whose strength is glorified with each step, tenuous muscles strain powerfully with each step upon a mound of rocks, her cry echoes through the valley, all the inhabitants stop, raise their heads, and listen to the lament. Time stops for just a glimpse of a moment, all those inhabitants of the jungle forest, shed a tear along with that lioness.

    As a respectful author I have a question of your wisdom. At the blog site I created I have shared your previous poem to the extend of being a main theme. That main theme is also encouragement for me in my walk of learning. I used the words of Rick Stephen above as the opening lead. I followed with a little more. So, my question is of you this, "which should I promote to those who visit, that or this your latest?"


    1. Dear Mitch! Your words here are beautiful yet painful. I feel somehow that I have hurt you in one way, but I do not understand in what way. Mitch this poem is a fragment of my creativity as a writer. Yes, as in everything I write, there are personal emotions and experiences involved. If those are emotions from today or yesterday, it's irrelevant. When I write certain poems, it does not mean that I write those words because I'm in that emotional state at the time. It could be something that happened years ago. I really do not understand why your soul aches, your heart slows, your mind is at the end of storm seeking understanding, since this is after all just one poem that was created in my simple mind? Once again, I'm sorry if I have hurt you in any way. It really was not my intention. And if you still like to promote my work at your blog, I would be honored if you continued to promote my "other" poem, since I know it is an encouragement for Mitch! A friend that needs guidance and a gentle hug from his best friend,

    2. Hello Pretty Lady. Thank you for the reply. Know this you never hurt me. See the email for further explanation. Got to go to work. Remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun . . .

    3. . . . Mitch, you will be in my thoughts and I will say a short prayer for you, for strength, courage, wisdom and a calm spirit. . . Be strong Mitch! A gentle hug,

  6. ...another one in which is extremely hard for me to comment on (I just left a comment for you at your Wizzley page) and for obvious personal reasons - I am not a big fan of personal confessional poetry as you know - but I see and read a new found renaissance in your writing and an exciting growth and maturity in your poetic compostions as well - and yes I L Y and I A Y long as the end of time will allow me to say it. Mister C. aka The E. Man. aka your twin.

    1. My Dear Colin! Yes, I know you are not fond of confessional poetry, because as in this case, it's very personal since I am a very close friend. However, as Mr. Colin aka Epigramman you will never let anything stop you for giving a writer your support with an encouraging comment, no matter how painful it may be for you, and I admire you so much for that. You are the most unselfish man I know! And yes I L Y and I A Y for the rest of my life!

  7. Hi Sannel

    Heartwreching, and heartfelt. My heart ached as I read your words of a lost love. So sad that something that was so wonderful can be the cause of so much pain.

    Take care


  8. Hello Susan!
    Yes, I guess, that's the risk you have to take for loving someone. I just wish, it was not so painful!
    Thank you for being a most faithful follower. It truly warms my heart.
    Bless you,


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