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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kylie's Blossoms

Kylie's Blossoms is a charming and lovable read and is such a wonderful gift to any child at any age. This book teaches important and positive lesson to enrich every little reader's development and character. Kylie's Blossoms will definitely become a favorite year-round bedtime story with the children.

Kylie's Blossoms are written by Maria Jordan and the sweet illustrations are made my Michael Friedman.

Maria Jordan was raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she has worked in the nursing field for 30 years. "Kylie's Blossoms" is her first publication, dedicated to her great niece, Kylie, with 12 timeless lessons for all little girls.
Maria Jordan

An excerpt from Kylie's Blossoms

"Happy Valentine's Day"

Night after night, sight of starlight,

Momma combed her hair, while Kylie said a prayer:

"From heaven above, send us your love.

Guide us by day, show us the way."

"Sleep well, Kylie dear, with Teddy right here.

A kiss will you get, there, all set!"

'Twasn't long counting sheep, little girl fast asleep.                                      

Dreams were sweet and dandy, of Valentine hearts and candy.

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