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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Wondrous Gift of Life

How sad it is that we tend to take life for granted and rush through life, forgetting to take the time to reflect on the small everyday blessings that cross our path.
Remember -  Everything is a once in a life time experience!
So stop and look around, because you shall never experience just that moment ever again. . . and that's what makes life so precious.
~ Sannel ~

Max - My Everyday Companion

The Wondrous Gift of Life. . . 

We walk a hidden path today
leading to no place at all
except along this path
we stop to share
sweet memories
only known to us.

We walk side by side
as we always do
my best friend and I.
You look out for me
and I for you
two hearts together now.

Along this special route 
we embrace the beauty
that crosses our path.
With nature so abundant
and solemn tranquility
as wondrous as you and I.

My friend and I
take nature by her hand
cherish each step
through nature's varied form.
Spirits that will long linger
after this moment is gone.

Our muffled footsteps 
echo in the stillness
disturbing the smallest
of earth's creations
waiting to be seen
never to return again.

Heaven-sent images
each as exciting as the last
intertwine our minds
and hearts,
like small souvenirs
collected along our way.

Someday this secret path
leading to no place at all
I shall walk alone.
Memories that are known to us
I'll have to carry in silence
in my heart and soul.

But the small everyday blessings
and sweet images of you
shall continue to cross my path
and embrace my soul,
because that's the wondrous
gift of life.

© Copyright 2012 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved

My friend, Max



  1. well you make life precious Sannel to all of those around you who know, admire, respect and love you.
    I L Y and I A Y. (they are my sentiments exactly) and your poetic sentiments here are well taken by this nature lover who also (as you know) goes on daily walks around the bay of his lake and can most definitely relate to the companionship of a best friend like Max or Tiffy or Gabriel - your words here are so heartfelt and pure and sincere - and this is one of your most lovely evocative pieces of writing I've ever read from you - thank you for sharing this personal experience with lucky readers like me - sending you good thoughts, good energy and karma from lake erie time ontario canada 8:20am Colin Stewart aka the Epi-man

  2. ..back for another look ....and a closer look at your photographic impressions this time that would even dazzle the eyes of Monet - and off for a walk of my own down my nature's path of paradise - with you by my side - Mister C of Lake E - 9:00am

  3. Sannel, your poem is wonderful and speaks volumes of your love for nature and your dear friend, Max. What a special relationship you have with him and he is blessed to have you!

    I must agree with the earlier comment that this is one of your best poems ever. It's so from the heart, tender and bittersweet. Simply lovely! Keep them coming, my friend! Great job!

  4. Du är en vandrande Traveler och poet, Dear Lady. En vandrare jag också, verkar det som. Jag är ny på detta språk för sent. Jag vill se när jag lär, så jag tackar för din förlåtelse med dessa saker. Är det din vän en tapper riddare, kanske ännu större än myten om Sir Sremmus? Sir Max är en jag säkert skulle vilja träffa, en beskyddare för säker, alltid en trogen tjänare, och kära kamrat.

    Jag som en vandrare har bara gjort det till där skogen leder till dalen. Jag hoppas en dag att se dessa vatten har du säkert varit - The Lake of Hope, erbjuder så mycket, precioius och värda mer än värdet. Påminner mig om när jag delade en natt med en ung kvinna förlorade man skulle tro, säkert inte, mer av en ängel, som leder vilse.

    Hon lärde att Wandering Traveler en lektion med en han lärt henne, är att en oxymoron? Att Wanderer stillbilder läger vid den skogskanten. Ved i skogen ger värme när den är kall. Han lär sig äta av dessa växter fritt erbjuds sen också. Verkar mysterium slag, att vara på den kanten, han kommer nu ihåg de lärdomar när nära elva eller tretton säkert. Han var en skogsarbetare då, men vissa säger hillbillie.

    Som en poet till poet, dina ord är kloka, nästan gudfruktigt funderar om du är en gudinna eller en musa eller en ängel eller människa - synergistisk tror jag.

    En Fellow Wandering Traveler. . .

  5. . . . Colin, my dear friend - Your words are always so genuine and beautiful. Yes, I know you can relate to the wonderful companionship of a dear pet or two, and treasure the nature and everything it gives us. In a way, we are so much alike you and I. Thank you for your lovely visit,

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  7. Rick, as always you are a most supportive follower in all of my work. How lucky I am to have such a beautiful and genuine good friend. Just like I'm blessed to have Max, I'm also blessed having few but good friends in my life. Thank you for the encouraging words you always have time to share with me.
    Thank you,

  8. Kära Mitch!

    Min första kommentar på Svenska! Min Bästa vän, du är full av överraskningar! Det här hade jag inte väntat mig, lol!

    And to your question, if I am a goddess, muse or angel. . . well, let just say I am simply Sannel, nothing more nothing less.

    Tack för besöket min vän. Lycka till med ditt nya språk.

  9. Kära Sannel!

    The interpretor is downloaded. I am so excited. The language program arrives in two weeks. That is about when I take a 4 day vacation and clean this dump, ha, ha. It is a great feeling to have a mind with better carity. And, I'm getting better and better everyday. I will have to forge a new me, kinda,' but I have done that in the past. This time I will be doing it without quitting my job or going on disability. How wonderful! It took about a half dozen times and like the movie Catch 22, well the ending says it all. Practice, practice, practice, even if the coach is, for the lack of a word a deity.

    Regarding your reply;

    And to your question, if I am a goddess, muse or angel. . . well, let just say I am simply Sannel, nothing more nothing less.

    I reread what I said, and realized I said 'man' when I thought I said mankind. No disprect intended. The point being just maybe Sannel is nothing more and nothing less, simple yes, but so is E=MC2 simple and look where that has brought mankind. Remember there are 10 different talents and you say you have 8 which is infinity. Pretty good person to know. I'll take you in my corner any day with those credentials.

    Oh, yeah, I fibbed and posted, please forgive. If you are a muse, a goddess, an angel, and human? Does that mean you are a square? ha, ha

    Adios mi amiga, tu y Max vaya con Dios, por favor. tu es mi maestra y mi estudante, es bien and buenos suerte . . .


  10. Thank you Mitch for stopping by again. Well, no one can accuse you for leaving dull comments, lol! Perhaps it's time for me to learn Spanish. . . anyway, good luck with your Swedish!

  11. Hi Sannel,

    Life is a blessing and can be found in little things. We just have to open our eyes to the beauty around us.

    God bless

  12. Hello Susan! So true! It's such a shame, so many of us just rush through life, not taking the time to reflect on all those little things that makes life into a wondrous gift. Thank you my friend for your lovely visit. Take care and my blessings to you.

  13. What an awesome read. I am happy today reading this enhances that happiness further. Hmmmm, Nice for sure, yet I do not remember Max passing over that bridge. I like that imagery. It compliments the poem well.

    Do have a nice day . . .


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