Sannel Larson

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Pain

In the midst of November

where the signs of life has died,

no one notices the winds gentle sobs

beneath the flickering lampposts. 

Foot prints are left in the shadows

as dead as the ones who's living.

Crawling roots extend their fingers 

through leaf filled, muddy gutters. 

Fallen dreams turn their back to me 

and I fumble in the icy darkness.

The only sound that can be heard 

is the muted emptiness in my soul.

Entangled in a ball of barbed wire 

the silhouette of pain is growing. 

I cling desperately to the living, 

in the midst of November. 

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


  1. November described this way by you is chilling, I know the pain you endure daily and I pray that you find comfort and solace someway. Being wrapped in barbwire is a symbol of extreme pain my friend. November is my month of birth, although it was a cold month to be born in, my mother was filled with joy upon my arrival. Sannel your description of torment and pain is very visual here, well written my friend, I pray you find comfort in December.

  2. Like Vincent, I was born in November, a month of duality with Thanksgiving mingled with the cold and desolation of Autumn days turning into Winter.

    You are in my thoughts and pray that your expressive writing is healing for you, dear Sannel. Love, Maria

  3. Beautiful, deep and poignant, Sannel. November is a time of transition from warmer, brighter days to the darker, colder days of winter. While it may be a time of darkness and pain, it is also a time of rest for nature so that it emerges in spring renewed and even stronger.

    May this winter be a time of rest and renewal for you with spring growing ever stronger in your heart and mind knowing that what lies ahead will be better than what has passed. Keep that hope in your heart, dear friend. Your friends who love you are always here for you. Thank you for sharing of yourself so beautifully here.

  4. It seems that those born in November have gathered here to read your work. I too am a child of November. Your work conveys such a sense of sadness and desolation. You are a talented writer and can draw these feeling to the surface. Thankfully you can also master these feelings by setting them free on paper.

  5. Dear Sannel

    You descrbed November perfectly. I feel the pain iin your words and hear the sobs of the wind as a tear rolls down my cheek. Take care my friend. ♥

  6. Vincent, Maria, Rick, Mike and Susan - My dear friends, I'm truly sorry for my really late response. I guess the best explanation for my absence lately is that for a long time, I have been "wrapped in barbwire." However, I do think that I have unwrapped myself yet again, and feeling much better now. Thank you all so much for your heartfelt and wonderful comments. You are all so dear to me! Hugs!

  7. Take care Sannel--there is much pain here---I hope you are finally feeling less pain--and that you have unwrapped yourself a bit

  8. Audrey, yes, I feel much better. Thank you for your visit and heartfelt comment, I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday!