Sannel Larson

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nexus - Haiku and Image by Sannel

Caressed by the sun

as my shadow goes untouched

cold wind hits us both

Text and Image ©Copyright 2014 By Sannel Larson.

                                                             More of my art can be found here: FINE ART AMERICA


  1. Both your artwork and your haiku are beautiful, Sannel! I, for one, am really enjoying all the new art you're creating. Keep them coming!

  2. Nice! It is wonderful to see you stretch your genres of expressive art. This image is breathtaking. Easily I can feel the emotion shared with poetry and the poem through the creative artwork. I am not sure which compliments which more - the image with the poem or the poem with the image.

  3. There is a light and sweet touch to your pen...a lovely way to wake up this morning, dear Sannel.

  4. Rick, Mitch, Susan and Maria - Thank you all so much for your lovely praise. I'm really happy that you liked my haiku and art. I truly appreciate your constant loving support. Love and hugs,
    Sannel :)

  5. Beautiful painting and haiku. You create such beautiful work.

  6. Thank you very much, Suzannah! I appreciate the compliment. :)

  7. Beautiful combination of artwork and words. Perfect on this cold autumn day

  8. Thank you, Elisabeth! How lovely of you to stop by. I appreciate your time and beautiful comment.

  9. The words go so well with your beautiful picture!


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