Sannel Larson

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Letter To My Angel

A Letter to my Angel
Sannel Larson

Waiting for night
to turn into day
listen to the rain
that's here to stay.

Never ending raindrops
leave behind its trails
of tears that intertwine 
with despair and fears.

Oh, please forgive me 
for what I'm about to do
but I long so to sleep
dreaming sweet dreams too.

Days long forgotten
without the throbbing pain
happiness and joy
I'll never feel again.

Deep in my aching heart
I know this is wrong
to overcome my sadness
I tried for so very long.

Please try to understand
there was much to live for
so much yet for me to do.
Life I used to truly adore.

Hopes for a painless
and new tomorrow
has been replaced
by apathy and sorrow.

You have helped me
to keep my spirit up high
as long as you could
but now, I say good-bye.

I'm sorry to fail you this way
please try to understand
but God is telling me it's time
with a smile I take his hand.

Don't weep for me
then I shall weep too.
Leaving this place
will be a relief, it's true.

The pain in my throbbing hands
makes it difficult to go on
but I have to finish this letter
before you wake up, I must be gone.

You have been my savior 
my angel so sweet and dear.
but it's time for me to find peace
so I sign this letter with a tear.

Walking through heaven's gate
with a bright smile on my face
an eternity of no more pain
with joy and bliss I embrace.

Perhaps you'll find me weak
leaving in this cowardly way
but if you were awake
you would have made me stay.

In heaven far above
I'll once again start anew
no more tears will fall
I 'll be happy and so will you.

When you awake from your slumber
we shall meet each other once again
but this time, I too, shall be an angel
there will be no more tears nor pain.

My sweet beautiful angel
heavens door I now go through
with a smile, I'll wake you up
now I know angels they sleep too.

© Copyright Sannel Larson 2012. All rights Reserved.


  1. Oh, Sannel! Such a beautiful, tortured plea for release. My dear, sweet friend this poem is a window into your very soul. I hope this brought you some measure of relief. When it is dark, I pray you find light. When you are lonely, I will be there. When it hurts, I with hurt with you. When you laugh, I will laugh with you. When you cry, my tears will fall beside yours. When you tire, I will hold you up. When you sleep, I will hold you.

    Know that you have friends that love you. Thank you for sharing your darkness and letting in the light. Love, Rick

  2. Rick, thank you! It's wonderful to know that I have friends like you who's thinking of me. I really never know when these dark feelings comes over me, but they do, just like they did yesterday when I wrote this. I was hesitating to publish it, since this made me feel vulnerable. I have never like to show my weak side to the public like this. I hope I did the right thing. . .but, your beautiful thoughts and words just gave me the reassurance I needed. Thank you and hugs from me to you, Sannel

  3. ..tough to read this one because I know 'who' it is about - but on a purely artistic poetic level - it's your best writing yet and shows such depth and soul - and
    I am so very proud of you for writing this Sannel - and as they say - it takes one to know one - two muses=two twins. lake erie time 12:11pm I L Y and I A Y.

  4. Sannel, this is a very beautiful letter and so moving. Your angel must be a very wonderful and special person. This was so perfectly worded. I could feel the pain in the words and the love as well.


  5. Hello Colin!
    Thank you for those beautiful words my friend. Yes, it takes one to know one, but it shall take me a very long time before a reach your artistic poetic level. But we are twins, that's for sure, lol! I L Y and I A Y. Hugs to you!

  6. Hi Cathy!
    Thank you my dear. Yes, my angel is beautiful. . . and I'm lucky to have my angel in my life. Thank you for your time and lovely words.

  7. This is stunning and mythic. I hope this avenue will allow you to write without bounds. ~Tammy

  8. Hello Tammy!
    It's so wonderful to hear from you again! Yes, on my own blog no one can restrict my writing, but I do miss all of you guys over at HP. Thank you for your lovely visit and encouraging words. Take care my friend. Hugs from me to you, Sannel

  9. Hello Friend and Dearest,
    Today, not the first, nor those of yesterday, is the day I read this and tears were held at bay, maybe.

    I read, reread, and read again, each time this canvass, another masterpiece skillfully painted, the strokes of the brushes, the brilliant colors of emotions, scumbling mixture of feelings, and parallel dashes of truths portray the artist's soul.

    I feel with sight the mix like watercolors blending smoothly, yet a run here or there of a tear, offers miniscule imperfections, presenting traits of a masterpiece, the artist a master.

    I dare ask, humbled, with a bow, may I dance with this poem in a hub one day soon. Remembering my curfew it may be a bit of time, yet the honor to share what I felt?

    The sight of perceptions, the tickling of the ear while listening, the taste of listless breaths, the bouquets of wildflowers of a nearby forest wildflowers, while knowing the softness of disturbance upon the soul bound by understanding friendship.

    A story written, my second fiddle being raised to your level of artistry and magnificence.


  10. Hello Friend and Dearest Tim!
    You do not even have to ask me for my permission, because I know that only beauty, class and perfection are being created by you, and shall make any of my work stand out even more. So please, I will be honored if you think you can use this poem in any of your writing. I know it will be a magical and beautiful dance. Thank you dearest friend for your lovely words! Hugs from me to you,

  11. Dear Sannel, this is a heart-touching poem, and surely written in a moment of despair. Sometimes Pain brings us down, so deep down that we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. But let me assure you that your warm and loving heart still beats fiercely between the lines of this poem - as in all your poems; in your capacity of flesh and blood you are already an angel, enlightening and delighting your readers as far as you go.

    Lots of hugs from me to you :)

  12. Hello Martie! Yes, this was written not so long time ago, when the pain had drained my spirit dry. However, I will never give up the hope that one day, I shall have the old Sannel back, alive and kicking, lol!
    Having sweet and caring friends like you around, sure makes the waiting less painful and one more reason to stick around enjoying every single day to its fullest, because life is the most precious gift of all.
    Thank you my friend for your caring words, My love and hugs to you from me,

  13. Hi Sannel

    "When you awake from your slumber
    we both will meet again
    but this time, I too shall be an angel
    there will be no more tears nor pain."

    Beautiful and heartfelt. My heart goes out to you. I wish I could take away your pain.

    Take care

  14. Hello Susan. . . I have been in a deep slumber, perhaps I'm still in it? So please forgive my very late response to you. . ..thank you,


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