Sannel Larson

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes we need to pause and appreciate what we have in life. The greatest joy comes often from the simplest things in life. Sueswan describes it so well in this beautiful poem.

As Time Stood Still

I watched the morning
Greet the dawn
Time stood still

I listened to the birds
Merrily sing. . . 


  1. Hi Sannel,

    A hallmark of Sue's beautiful writing is that she says so much with so few words. She is gifted that way. You should read her haiku too! Also wonderful!

  2. Hi Rick!

    Yes, she is a very gifted poet. I'm her newest fan.

  3. Hi Sannel

    I am humbled that you enjoyed my poem. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Off to run some errands but I look forward to coming back to your world.

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  4. Hi Rick

    Thank you my friend for your kind and generous comments.


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