Sannel Larson

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mercies in disguise - A Tanka Poem by Sannel

Delicate kisses

guided by the frigid breeze 

land upon my face. 

Endless blessings from the sky

flurried mercies in disguise.

~ ~ * * ~ ~ 

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


  1. Beautiful, Sannel! Simply beautiful! The vivid imagery makes me feel like I am there. The last line is especially wonderful and thought-provoking. This is another wonderful piece which I'm going to share with my friends. Keep up the good work, my friend!

  2. Rick, I am truly honored by your compliments and cannot thank you enough for them. You always succeed to brighten my day with your visits.

  3. I am glad I happened upon this treasure at the same time I discovered I could wish you the most happy and peaceful and fulfilling year to come, as you celebrate your birthday.

  4. Maria, you are beautiful and tenderhearted.
    I thank God for blessing me with a friend like you in my life. Thank you.

  5. Nice! I feel like soft, gentle snowflakes are listlessly landing on my face while looking up. Awesome. It prompts a feeling to have yogurt with a 'pal.' this evening. Again, happy Birthday and God's blessings for the many years ahead.


  6. Tim, how lovely! it sounds very inviting. I'll be there! Thank you for your blessed wishes, my friend.

  7. This is such a tender piece of writing. Cold words with a warm message.

  8. Thank you, Mike! Your tender words and visits, always brightens my days.

  9. Sannel, you remind me what I miss in life. D


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