Sannel Larson

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Through My Eyes. . .


In my life I've shed many a tear 
sprinkled through every season 
teardrops of pain, joy and sorrow 
each tear always had its reason 

Emerging in the corners of my eyes 
they take on the character of a tear 
one-by-one they flow down my face 
resembling glistening gems so clear 

Some are like trinkets of dew drops 
waiting for sunrise to wipe them dry 
others are like a cascading waterfall 
with never-ending drops rushing by 

At times they drop like wax from a candle 
leaving hardened tear stains upon my pillow 
every once in a while they fall to the ground 
like autumn leaves from a weeping willow 

Regularly they drizzle like April showers 
leaving streams of tear drops all around 
sometime they drop like petals of a rose 
each tear fall seamlessly without a sound 

Every so often, through frosty air 
falling teardrops, freeze to brittle 
others fall softly like snowflakes 
slowly melting away little by little 

Through my eyes tears have fallen 
all kinds of teardrops, big and small 
I cannot help but contemplate; 
how many tears have yet to fall? 


© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


  1. Hi, Sannel. This is a lovely piece on tears. Each life has seasons and each season has it's share of tears, some sweet and some bitter. Some we shed in great happiness others in great pain. It's interesting that such widely different emotions can produce the same tears.

    Actually, I've read that the chemical make up of happy tears and sad tears are different. So, though they come from the same place they aren't the same. Neither is your poem, it's different and unique and all yours. It's beautiful! Great job, Sannel! Now go write some more. :D

  2. Rain drops pitter, patter, a splash made,
    Rain drops yonder, beyond the glass window,
    Never falling upon my head, price not paid,
    Sitting,typing, wondering, surprised, a pillow.

    Rain drops of heaven, precious, never caught,
    Rain drops upon earth, glittering diamonds,
    Beyond measure, value beyond worth, a thought,
    A gift each, floods too, silence roars a lion.

    Rain drops rhyme with dollop, honey of bees,
    Rain drops, one offers change, more are change,
    Through a window peered, a best friend of trees,
    Rain drops tranquil of one, many not of strange.

    Rain drops always a friend, gathered of land,
    Rain drops never steal, only adding with more,
    Rain drops never ask, always answers at hand,
    Rain drops always share, to feel, open a door.

    ~*~ Anonymous © Tuesday, April 2, 2013 @08:15 PM PDT

  3. Hello Ms. Sannel this is Very Ferry, the youngest brother of Bryan Ferry and Freddie Ferry. As you can imagine I am the limp wristed one and the sensitive one but I am no dupe either - for I have followed you since your early days at the B.U.H. (I had to spell it backwards, wink wink) and I have followed your growth and maturity as not only a writer but as a poet as well and I must announce to the world just now (and I am borrowing my older brother Bryan's microphone)
    and say this is your finest piece of writing yet - I am so proud of you and I love that last line about more tears to come - how bittersweet, how poignant and true - this fine piece of poetry has brought you to a new level in your literary accomplishments and I must shout out to the old wise man on the mountain and rejoice - Here is a world class poet in a class all of her own.

  4. Good Morning Sannel... you are so right about tears. They come and they go always with a reason and yet they are not unheard but often unseen by most.

    A good friend of mine a Country and Western Pastor/Singer wrote a song several years ago that had an impact on me. The title was simple and yet profound, "Tears are a Language God Understands." They are never lost Sannel, they all have meaning.

    Hugs and Blessings from Canada

  5. This is so very gentle. A perfect read for me today. Thank you.

  6. I am a crier and can cry at the drop of a hat--beautiful write!

  7. So so beautiful Sannel my dear friend. Here's to so many more for us both to share on here and time for me to add a litle more to my blogs too.You will be my inspirtation my friend.
    Take care

  8. Sweet beautiful Sannel what a wonderful tearful lovely poem.. My heart and tears felt every moment every word you wrote.. I will share this with everyone .. the beauty of it tears my teardrops. to ribbons.. Love your girlfriend

  9. Rick
    Anonymous (Nice!)
    Very Ferry, hmmm. . .
    Thanks to each and everyone of you who left such beautiful, caring, inspirational, witty, and most enjoyable comments. I'm sorry for not replying to each one of you, but I had a difficult week, and still not out of the woodwork, so to speak. Please, know that I truly appreciate your time and comments. Thank you so much for reading, and especially for the kind words that I won’t forget anytime soon.

  10. Sensitive, contemplative and heartfelt...hoping you're feeling much better, dear Sannel.