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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm Surrounded by Angels

I truly believe God has his Angels looking after us. Even though, I have never seen one myself, except for the sweet angels like these in my photos, I can sense their presence around me.

I'm Surrounded by Angels

There are angels everywhere

with glorious, dainty wings

in every shape and color

such lovely little things.


Pretty angels in every size 

are everywhere I look.

There is one on each table

oh, even one on top of my book.

Angels in a row up on the shelf

wearing their heavenly costume.

Some are sleeping peacefully

in every corner of the room.

Angels peeking through my window

watching every little move, I make.

I know there are some on my bed

guarding me when I'm asleep or awake.

Girls and boys with sweetest smiles

with pair of wings, white as silvery snow.

Angels everywhere, in every room

with shimmering halos spreading its glow.

I'm surrounded by angels, so sweet

each so very precious, you'll see.

But the sweetest angel of them all

is God's angel who's looking after me.

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


Thank you my friends and followers at HP for your lovely and kind feedback on my work. 
God Bless you all,

You are a beautiful human being my friend. Another hubber always ends her messages to me by saying...."sending angels your way".....that is my message to you today. Thank you for your friendship and for the beauty you bring into this world.


What a sweet and beautiful poem, Sannel. It must be nice to be surrounded by angels. Happy New Year to you! Hugs..............Made

wow so beautiful.. I believe that God has angels watching over us.. I have some stories.. but that's for another hub. Happy New year sweet lady. I love love love your poem.

I am sharing this lovely piece.


I know that an angel wrote this poem.

I love you, Sannel. Happy and peaceful 2013 to you, my dearest friend,


Well, here is some poetic irony. One angel writing about others! This is lovely, Sannel and it's reassuring to know that there are angels watching over you. I'm sure there is a very special one assigned just to you! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece from your heart! Voted up and more!


Like the out stretched arms of the rising sun, this poem offers a gentle hug to all who read. Nice.


I agree with Maria, that an angel wrote this beautiful poem. (smile)

I have always loved angels, and could sense them around me, though, like you, I've never actually "seen" one. When I was 5, my Mom hung a picture of a "Guardian Angel" over my bed because I was having nightmare and she told me that the angel would protect me. That did foster a strong belief in the power of angels, that persists with me into the present time.
Thanks for sharing this and also the lovely pictures.
May the Angels sing in your ears in 2013.


Sannel, this is one of those sweet, beautiful writings about angels that will convince me that angels are indeed all around us. . . 


Hello Sannel, you find peace with the angels, that is surely a sign of things to come in a far off distant future. Nice sentiment to start of this happy and prosperous year.


I love this. The angels are adorable. Thank you for sharing beautiful poetry.

always exploring

Happy New Year my angel. You are surrounded by them, may they keep close to you and you to them. I believe in angels and I am certain I've lived this long because of their protection and guidance in my life.Peace and blessings I send to you sweet friend. Hugs xo


Sannel, I heard the angels singing while I read your beautiful poem.

Voted up and away and sharing


Thank you for this tribute to the ones who support us each day.


So much blessings reading this beautiful hub. I believe in angels - those who are assigned by God from heaven and the one we meet on earth physically to be with us forever :)


Beautiful words to take to heart, bringing much comfort. I do believe in angels and know they have touched my life many times. Thank you!

God bless,


Beautiful Sannel! Such heavenly words can only come from a person such as you, an angel herself :)


You are surrounded by sweet angels sure enough, Sannel. What a marvelous collection you have there. There are many ways to speak of such things and your pics with the accompanying poems must truly be the best way of all to present them. What a joy to see and read, thank you dear lady; and appreciate the link back - will put this on mine tonight. Up and all and certainly shared!


Voted up and awesome. We are of the same thought Sannel. As more loved one's leave this world I know that there are so many more angels looking out for me. May the Lord and His angels guide you this year. Hugs. Passing this on.




  1. And I almost gave you exactly the same comment! Well, if it was not a ghost I have seen on one specific night, it must have been an angel....

    Beautiful blog, beautiful poem....

  2. Awakening, a walk, hummingbirds dancing with sage, lavender offers violets, Queen Ann shares her yarrow, as iris of amethyst shares more than most ponder.

    A favorite of yesterday, this poem and those images bring warmth upon a land where the sun sets low in the sky. Butterfly flutter to and fro sensing wing greater than theirs. Merriment soon follows as those little wings of those butterfly dance with the gentile nature of little ones unseen, yet are felt.

    Thank you for sharing this work bringing life to a time of weariness. Offering joy and thanksgiving I bow before the grace of a feather as the pen of a poet 'tis of thee and thou . . .


  3. Sannel... an awesome thought of having an angel watching over us. No doubt in my mind I have certainly had one over the years and been saved from so much.
    If I could meet my angel I know she would be a great deal like you, caring, compassionate and very loving.... love your heart my friend...

    Hus and Blessings

  4. Martie, oh, I'm sure it was your own sweet angel watching over you, letting you know that you do have one. Thank you, my sweet friend for commenting once again on this poem. I hope you're doing fine and keep yourself warm in South Africa's winter.
    Hugs and sunny greetings from Sweden,

  5. Mitch, how kind of you to leave such lovely words. Words that flow like a beautiful poem in itself. I have always known that deep inside "Mitch" there is a great poet hiding. I have been fortunate enough to have seen that side a few times. I just wish, we all could get to see it more often.
    Thank you for your visit, my friend,

  6. Rolly, awww, you are just too sweet! Well, I know the angel that's watching over you, are as charming and loving as the one she protects. I'm so grateful she has done such a wonderful work to keep you in safety and make sure you are here to grace so many of us with your beautiful, compassionate and loving appearance.
    Sending hugs and blessings your way, my dear friend,


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