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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Colors of a Passing Day - A Poem

Colors of a Passing Day
Sannel Larson

A painting hangs on a stucco wall

with colors of a passing day.

I stare but tears conceal my eyes

as it draws me far away.

A woman standing on the balcony

gazing where the clouds blow.

The crescent moon cast its shadows

dancing a lovers waltz below.

White horses on a journey

running down the rolling hillside,

running through the night

carrying the tears of a newlywed bride.

The silent sound of thundering hooves

intertwine with the heartbeat of fear.

Across the river and out to the sea

not stopping until the very last tear.

Dreams in the distance,

get further away by the day

as her brave young love

sailed into battle far away.

In the velvet of the darkness

stars cascade 'tween the clouds in the sky.

Taking her with them across the sea

a journey, connecting two lovers who cry.

Whispers from a raging storm

riding on the waves towards the shore.

Now a breeze as gentle as can be

bring the voice of the man she loves and adore.

Please my love, do not shed tears

our dreams you now must carry on.

My spirit shall ever take good care

of you and our unborn son.

My heart shall keep you safe and warm

until you come unto me.

God in his mercy, lend her strength

as her lover lays at the bottom of the sea.

© Copyright 2012 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved

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Thank you my friends and followers for your lovely and kind feedback on my work. God Bless you all,


Sannel Larson! You multi-gifted incredible woman- welcome back! It's hard enough to keep up on here so when folks leave...well anyway, so good to know the lady behind the lovely mysterious avatar. This poem is remarkable in its yearning imagery- one can feel the ghostly words wafting over the waters to the faithful lover. You are right Swedish friend, the dream will carry on!
Alastar Packer

Really beautiful! Heart-touching! Awesome, Sannel!

Eloquent, mournful, yet love-filled.
You have so much in you, Sannel, and it is an absolute joy to see your diversity unfolding. Writing is one of your many gifts to us.
Love this, love you, 

Well Sannel - I am most enjoying your other literary talent - that of an awe inspiring poet. You captivate and move me with your poetic colors in this fabulous narrative piece. And the beautiful flow of this story unfolds in my cinematic mind and to me that is always a gift from any writer who can make his/her reader think in visual terms like that - and even before I saw the music video - I could hear 'music' in every line. To make one's words flow like music is also a special talent you have.

And yes - lol - it's amazing because great minds really do think alike.

This video presentation is soundtrack music from a film called Water and this particular passage Across the River is one of my most favorite pieces of music ever (right up there with Verdi's Prelude to Act One from La Traviata) and it reminds of someone whom I love very much with tears in my eyes as I write this.

Hubbravo to you Sannel - you are really making a name for yourself here at the Hub and I thank my lucky day for this time we share together . lake erie time 1:23pm

This was so sad...and beautiful...yearning, waiting for a love to return home. I think of the many soldiers as they marched off to war, leaving behind their loves. Thank you, very moving Sannel


Voted up and awesome. What at journey of imagery and words you took me on. Romantic, sad and tragic but ever so beautifully said. Love the video and passing this on.

Reading between the lines I sensed some familiarity with the style. When I read the copyright notice I was not surprised. It feels wonderful to read you once again. I hope you are doing well.


Hi Sannel,

Such sadness but such beauty in your words and in the music. Exquisite!
Take care :)

The video you presented is as hauntingly beautiful as the beauty of your verse. The yearning heart is one of the most sorrowful ones. It's longing for togetherness in eternity is never ending. You have stunned us with your poetry and talent as a writer. Keep writing, keep sharing, keep loving and the accolades will also come. I to have composed a piece " Somewhere in Time" and it was a journey of a broken heart due to the loss of his love, he to went down with his ship. Take Epi's challenge I know you will present us your readers with a masterpiece such as this.

It seems I have been remiss in commenting on your wonderful poem, Break of Dawn. Please accept my apologies. Your poem is beautiful, hauntingly so. From the captivating title to the tragic last line your words paint vivid and heart-wrenching scene. The longing of these lovers knows not distance nor time. Truly as pleasure to read. It's also a pleasure to see your talent as a writer and a poet grow by leaps and bounds. Please continue to put pen to paper and produce more wonderful words such a this. You know you have a true fan in me.

Hi Sannel,

"In the velvet of the darkness
stars cascade 'tween the clouds in the sky." Such lovely imagery.

Back for a second visit to read your beautiful poem as well as to thank you for the great review that you wrote for my poetry book. I apologize I didn't acknowledge it sooner but I only saw it yesterday thanks to my sister. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope you are doing well.

Best wishes,

Sannel my friend. I have missed you.... this is so beautiful what awesome poetry.. so good to see you ,.. many blessings and all my prayers are with you..

Beautiful pairing of picture and verse here--both have a wonderfully classical feel--

I have only come to know you in the last little while here at the Hub, but already I have a sense of your keen artistic and creative soul.I feel intimately that you are very moved by music so please continue that sacred route if it works for you. Your words flow like music and when I read them - that is exactly what I hear - and you have the lyrical gift of making your words come alive through the beauty of music and through the 'pen' of its lovely author.

lake erie time 10:02am

Such a beautiful poem.

I have read it three times now, twice to your music that makes it awesome. Wonderful words which has made me fall in love with your style.

Sannel - You are drawing an increasing number of lovers of your work and of yourself, and I am glad to be one of them.

A wonderful poem and your music is beautiful.

LOL Ghaelach


  1. Morning Sannel... what a lovely post, sad yet filled with joy. Very well done my friend. Stay warm today...

    Hugs from Canada

  2. Good morning Rolly! Thank you for those wonderful words and for your lovely visit.
    It's pretty cold here in this part of Sweden, and I'm sure it's not much warmer in your part either. Cover up, my friend.
    Hugs from Sannel and Sweden.

  3. Hello Sannel it's fabulous Bryan Ferry crooning this comment to you on my knees with tears in my eyes and definitely with a song in my heart for you - I admire you for your poetic heart of a lioness and your strong constitution as a survivor - you will carry on to bigger and better things in your life as a writer and poet and cookbook and children's book author in the near future -
    Of this I am sure because you have inspired me to write some of the greatest love songs of the 20th Century - and you are the muse who carried me to my fame and fortune - now it is your turn - the world awaits you - and your time will come in 2013. Farewell my dear for now and did I tell you this piece is one of my favorties by you - so please keep exploring your heart and your mind because your creative thoughts are precious to me and so many of your other fans as well.

  4. Oh, hello Bryan! What a lovely surprise to hear from you again. It has been quite a while! I hope you are doing fine, and you are still singing;-)
    Thank you for your lovely and encouraging words. Well, you have been an inspiration to me too, never forget that, my dear friend.
    Hugs to you,


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