Sannel Larson

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Looking through a Kaleidoscope

The pond was glittering at a distance,
and I stopped in my uncertain pace.
Everything looked so pretty,
the shifting images of beautiful colors under airy pillow clouds,
as looking through a kaleidoscope.
The smell of cotton candy and ice-cream
intertwined between sweet laughter and carefree voices.
Bluebirds sensed a song in every breeze,
and I saw it so clearly.
Black-polished shoes and shapely legs draped in nylons passed by,
and yes, children too.
They were skipping in glee holding balloons in their hands.
Pearls sparkled clear and sweet on my face.
Gentle winds were sending dandelion wishes on a journey,
while stars between emerald grass waited in bliss.
Naked feet were running by, followed by a few more,
crushing them with each step.
Unfulfilled wishes.
Someone was crying, I looked around.
Faded jeans were bumping into me.
A fiery sneaker stepped on my patent leather shoe.
I looked down.
The echoes of a chalky footprint were all that was heard.
My white sock rimmed with lace was ruined.
I glanced over to my other shoe.
Untouched, still so pure.
Someone was crying, and I looked up.
A blue balloon was meeting my eyes.
It looked so familiar.
Hastily it flew gleefully away through the darkened sky,
and I remembered how the sugar coated air stuck to my skin.
Sound of ruffled wings in dead air.
Someone was crying, I didn't care.
The pond was glittering at a distance.

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


  1. Truly wonderful Sannel and thank you so much for sharing this one. Take care and enjoy your day.

  2. Eddy, so nice to see you. I hope everything is well with you. Thank you for your visit. It's always such a delight. I need to take a trip over to your corner of the world and see what's new on your blog.

  3. Wonderful, Sannel! I get the feeling these are memories; fleeting, fragmented images of a small child at a carnival or fair. It has that sense to it. It also leaves me wanting to know more which is a good thing. Who is crying and why? Your imagery is vivid. I hope we will see more of this style from you, Sannel. Great job!

  4. Rick, thank you for your encouraging words. I do not write prose that often, so any feedback, positive and negative, will help me grow in this poetry form.
    Take care,

  5. This feels so lush --a wonderful capture of a slice of life! Lovely write!!

  6. Dear Sannel, the only poetry form I know is prose-poetry. I loved your prose poetry. The drama in the poem reminds of so many things.

  7. Sannel this is so descriptive and it carries your reader along. Beauty and hurt mingled together as I read along.

  8. This makes me want to hug you, or that little girl, very hard...and tell her all is beautiful and well...I could feel this with all of my senses, Sannel.

  9. Lovely poetry with great imagery with great memories of childhood. Hugs.

  10. @Audrey

    Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging feedback. This writing was something new to me, and I was unsure if I was going to publish it or not. Now, thanks to all of your supportive words, I'm glad I did.
    Blessings and hugs, dear friends,

  11. Coming back to this and loving it all over again.

    You have a way with words, dear Sannel. Your prose is powerful.

    Love and hugs, Maria

    1. Dear Maria,
      Always a pleasure to see you here. Thank you, my beautiful friend for your time and encouraging words. Much appreciated. :)

  12. Fascinating! A typical experience - when all of a sudden reality ruins our peace and joy.

    Good to read you again, Sannel.


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