Sannel Larson

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Splendid Stillness- A Poem by Sannel Larson

Painted sky, honeyed tresses dipped in crimson wine

spread its flushed auric glow on thyme covered hills

Its aromatic perfume trembles in the stillness, so fine

sweet, intoxicating nectar, my growing thirst fulfills


Whispering winds traveling through the evening air 

sending sunbaked dust and unspoken dreams my way 

The sound of a lyre walzes graciously through my hair 

while its echo cast its shadow on this sunset, on display


I see a sash of golden amber floating before my eyes

'tween lush branches where olives and figs intertwine 

Stillness fills the air as the melody of the cicada dies 

ephemeral tranquility touches my bare skin, so refined 


As day becomes night under the rising of the moon

stone upon stone of antiquity are dozing in fitful rest

From the palm of my hand, bits of my soul are strewn 

in this fleeting moment of splendid stillness, as its best 

© Copyright 2013 by Sannel Larson. All rights reserved


  1. Intriguing dance of words minced like herbs delicately laced with natures offerings of a garden's delight. The style likened to Pillars of Flame, Church Bells Peal on a Journey, and A Dip Under the Moonlight your pen Sannel offers a door.

    Having yourself passed through like a message left by a traveler of dimensions, time, and destiny this poem presents a window to followers. Once savored, tasting its delicacy, likened to a meal of fullness one must linger over each morsel. Much time seeking its refinery providing strength of mind, body, soul, and heart endeavors blessings foretold only of the morrow and unknown adventures.

    I must seek the wisdom shared likened to the gifts of Gunnlöð. Prepared as a culinary master of both queens and kings, each course must be savored slowly, relished with care of palate, then upon pillow slumber of dreams harmony.


  2. Oh I just love this piece, the tranquility and stillness of it all. I can just imagine you standing outside your terrace, seeing all of this, and taking in the scents of thyme from the not too distant hills. Listening to the lyre as it plays in the background, the reflection of the moon rays upon your face as you take in all the beauty surrounding your precious soul. Simply beautiful Sannel, you painted with your artistic brush.

  3. I so treasure moments of serenity. Your poem reads like a sweet peaceful song. Beautifully written.

  4. Very beautiful poem Sannel. The stillness of night is a magic all its own, taking us to places that sometimes we only find in our dreams.
    Love and hugs,

  5. What a picture your words paint in my mind, Sannel! One just like your lovely photo. Your poems evokes the senses; the sight of the sunset, the sound of the whispering wind, the smell of the thyme-covered hill and touch of the gentle breeze. Beautiful. You've captured this beautiful moment and made it even more beautiful in words. Well done, my friend. More! More!

  6. Beautiful once again Sannel.

  7. Hello Sannel. This is an extraordinary piece of writing, abundant with imagery.

  8. Splendid was the proper titling for very lovely and descriptive, Sannel.

  9. @Mitch

    Thank you, dear friends for taking the time to share such beautiful words on my poem. You sure know how to bring a smile to my face, and you really make this world a more beautiful place.
    Bless you all!


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