Sannel Larson

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Until We Meet Again. . .

Sannel and her Dad

Dad. . .

You taught me to be kind

cherish the joy of giving.

Care for each and everyone

not to hate, always be forgiving.

Dad. . .

You taught me to care

for people and animals alike.

Never steal, lie or cheat,

to be respectful and polite.

Dad. . .

You taught me to be strong

yet to be loving and sweet. 

Be grateful for what I have, 

give thanks for the food I eat

Dad. . . 

You taught me the value of life

is not measured by my things,

but by the richness of giving,

the love and joy it me brings.

Dad. . . 

You taught me to believe 

have faith in my inner strength. 

With hard work and creativity 

I'll reach my dreams at any length. 

Dad. . . 

Thank you for your wisdom, 

your patience and gentle love. 

You gave me a strong foundation 

a precious gift, I'll never let go of.

Dad. . .

Thank you for giving me life 

holding my small hand in yours.

For all your hugs and kisses,

wiping away my painful tears.

Dad. . . 

I'll always admire and look up to you

and love you dearly, as I did back then. 

I'm blessed to have been your little girl,

I hope that one day, I'll see you again.

Dad. . . 
The 19th of December, 2013
 would have been your 90th birthday.

There are things that I'll always remember,
no matter how old I may grow.

Because. . .

As I look into the mirror
I catch a glimpse of you.
I see you in my blue eyes, 
and in my bright smile too.

Until we meet again. . . 
I miss being your daughter.
I love you, dad.


  1. I had tears in my eyes as I tried to remember what love would have felt with if I could say those same words from my heart, unfortunately, I didn't have a father who showed this wonderful love you received. Your poem showed me how much you miss your daddy, how he helped shape your life, your personality, your loving kindness.

    Sannel you will always shine brightly through your fathers loving blue eyes and gentle smile. Lessons learned from him as he held your little hand and walked you through earlier days will never be forgotten. I pray you two do meet again and I know you will. Hugs sweet lady.

  2. Thank you for sharing and presenting the opportunity to share with you. A view is that both the nature and transcendence of a parent's love for a child is not necessarily reciprocated with the child's life, yet is more . . . one may say it is a heavenly love experienced through the parents, a father as shared with your words, and then shared willingly by the child. No matter the this or that's we discover the connection is "Love!" This poem demonstrates that significance.

    Thank you once more, Sannel, for sharing with these eloquent words sharing that experience of connectedness, "Love," and offering a personal connection for us all through the photographs.



  3. Sannel, what a lovely tribute to your father! I can sense the love you had for him and he clearly loved you. You can see that in the photos, the way he is looking at you so proudly, lovingly and gently. I know he would be proud of the woman you have become. I know that he must have be a good man because of how you turned out.

    The photos are wonderful! I love the one with the tricycle. I recognize that cherubic face! Thanks for sharing these memories with us. Never forget, you will always be your father's daughter.

  4. Lovely and very touching to the core Sannel. My father left us when I was 11 almost 20 years ago. reading this made me instantly go back to the past reminiscing the bygone days I have spent with my father. regardless of how short it was, t'was treasured in my heart and it will remain forever.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  5. Oh Sannel..This was such a beautiful tribute to your father. What a great man to have given you so much love and wisdom. I loved the pictures and you could see the love between a father and daughter...I do believe one day you will see him again and for now he watches over you with the same tender loving care. Sending a big hug..lots of love.

  6. Vincent, I know you did not have an affectionate or loving father by your side when you grew up. I can't even start to imagine how sad and painful that must have been. And lonely too. Unfortunately, so many children are being brought into this world by irresponsible and unfitted parents, and are left unloved, abused or neglected because of that. It breaks my heart! Vincent, I know that you loved your mom, and I'm glad that you at least had a kind and loving mother.
    Yes, I do miss my dad. I still miss him very, very much.
    Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt comment, my friend.
    My love and hugs,

  7. Mitch,
    I appreciate each and everyone of you for your time and sincere comments. Yes, I know that my father loved me very much, as I loved him. I'm sad that I did not get to spend much time with him, but as Sonny so beautiful said "regardless of how short it was, It'was treasured in my heart and it will remain forever."
    Thank you, for your heart felt comments.
    God bless,

  8. Hello Sannel - No father could hope for a finer tribute from his daughter. His love is in you.

  9. Mike, how beautiful. Thank you!

  10. How touching and sentimental, dear Sannel. On November 16th, my Dad would have been 90 as well and this December 31st was the 19th anniversary of his death.
    We never forget and your words reach deep in my heart.

    Hoping 2014 is a beautiful, peaceful and healthy year for you. Love, Maria

  11. Sannel this is such a beautiful tribute to your dad. I know he is smiling down from heaven and is very proud of you.

    Hugs, Susan

  12. You have me very sentimental at the moment my friend. Beautiful is indeed the word. Come by the history blog sometime and see the story on your Scandinavian neighbor's friends of mine and a bit of history.:)

  13. Beautiful tribute to your Dad Sannel.

  14. This is so touching--really a wonderful way to celebrate your love for him!

  15. What a beautiful, heart-touching poem, Sannel, touching the core of my soul. I miss my Dad tremendously. Today, on Father's Day, I am trying my best to stay in control of my emotions. Beautiful, precious pictures you have in here :)

  16. Dear Sannel, this one pulls my tears. How blessed we are to be able to write this about our dads, while so many fathers are complete failures.

    1. Thank you, Martie for your comments, yes both of them. I apologize for not responding to them. I'm so bad in this. :(
      However, I appreciate your time and your lovely comment. Always! Yes, we are very fortunate to have had Dads that truly cared about their children and gave us all their love. :)
      Merry Christmas, dear friend!
      My love and hugs to you,

  17. Dear Martie,

    Thank you for your beautiful comments. Yes, hearing stories I'm utterly grateful that I had such a wonderful, caring Dad, as I had, just like you had with your Dad. Unfortunately, my Dad left much too early. He has left a big emptiness behind, and for each year, I miss him even more. I know you feel the same with your Dad, Martie. I do believe they are looking after their daughters from Heaven now, and having fun doing it too. :)
    Sending love and hugs to you,

  18. Dear Sannel,
    your words are beautiful so are the pictures. Your poem made me emotional.
    May God always be with you.

    1. Dear Vinay,

      Thank you, dear friend!
      It means so much that you took the time to leave such a loving comment. Bless you!
      Always my love,

  19. wow Sannel this is so beautiful .. I am crying.. makes me remember my dad.. You and I have been so blessed with great parents.. You are still one of my favorite poetess's..
    Merry christmas Beautiful Angel..

  20. Dear Debbie, how sweet you are. Thank you!
    I know you loved your father too. We are indeed blessed with the most loving, caring parents. We are blessed with great memories of them.
    Merry Christmas sweet poetess!
    My love and hugs to you across the miles,


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